What is Website hacking and how to ensure your website is safe?

In this digital age, we all know the importance of having a website for your business (or a your personal website for your hobbies).

A good website helps you and your business in a lot of good ways and act as your partner, online marketer which works around the clock and is accessible to whole world. It allows your existing and prospective customers to read about your company, the services and products you provide, lets them send you inquiries while you are away or even while you are sleeping.

Backup your Drupal website on Cloud for Free!

Maintaining Drupal websites can be complex and it becomes more difficult if the website is large / complex and has lots of customization done. This leads to another problem of backing up your files and data regularly to avoid any issues of hardware failures. If your host offers automated regular backups of your website and database, then you are in good company but most shared hosts doesn't have such facilities and only keep a recent backup for a week or so.

Useful SSH Unix / Linux Commands for handling large Drupal sites

Following are some useful Unix/Linux commands which are helpful if you are dealing with large Drupal (or any other CMS / Framework based) sites (files and db size). I find these really handy when moving sites from one server to another, taking backups of Files, Database etc.

Note: To get access to the Unix command line, you will need an SSH client (e.g. Putty). You can also use WinSCP if you are not comfortable with Command line. WinSCP has a feature to enter custom commands using its interface.

Fotomoto Module Released

We are happy to announce that we have released first version of Fotomoto Module on is a print-on-demand e-commerce system that enables you to sell your artwork on a variety of print types. We do all the hard work for you: printing, packing, shipping, and customer support.

This module allows you to configure your website and integrate it with Fotomoto and sell your artwork.

Download and start selling your photos and other digital artwork.

Welcome to our Blog

Hello & Welcome to our Blog.

It will be mainly used for posting news & updates from our organization, new project updates, accomplishments and so on.

You will also find some tips & tricks for Drupal, WordPress and other frameworks.

Thank you and keep visiting our site.

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